About us

CannapharmaRx is a cannabis company committed to producing high-quality and customizable medical cannabis and craft products. We operate from our unique facility in Cremona, AB, Canada, and are able to produce over 6,000 kgs per year.

Our main objective for 2023 is to distribute our products in Canada and to expand to Europe and Israel with our business partners. We expect to obtain our sales license from Health Canada as well as our export permit for these areas during Q2 of 2023.

The unique business model we provide to our local partners has various advantages, such as lowering growing costs, improved competition, improved handling of supplies, lowering marketing costs, and many others. Since the acquisition and merger with LTB Management, LLC during Q1 2023, we have been able to provide cutting-edge technology for online marketing, e-commerce, and advanced inventory management.

Unique Genetics

To achieve our goals, we’ve procured a high-end indoor cannabis facility in Cremona, Alberta, Canada. The facility is 55,000 sq ft featuring low-consumption solar panels, 11 growing rooms, and 10 drying and packing rooms. These enable us to produce 6,000 kgs with a high gross margin.

We aim to deliver high-quality craft medical cannabis products based on 200 unique strains, divided into 15 brand classes, each with its own specific features. We provide our local partners with the option to choose the best brand to suit their customers’ needs and local demands.

Cremona facility from closer distance
Zoomed in craft cannabis