Thanks to our expertise and knowledge, we’ve been able to create a unique model for our local partners, that provides them with high-quality craft medical cannabis products. Our focus at this time is on Canada, Europe, and Israel, where our partners intend to start growing their brands locally.

Here are some of the main advantages of our solution:

Map of the world with markings of Europe, Canada and Israel
A leaf of the cannabis plant

Unique Brands

Each local cannabis company can choose the brand it wants to market in its country (exclusivity is conditional on quantity)

Flexibility in Quantity

Our customers can manage their orders, changing the quantity according to their needs

CannapharmaRx logo on the company website

Inventory Management

The flexible model allows our customers to sell their oversupply products to other customers within our ecosystem

Savings in Operational Costs

Our customers will benefit from a significant cost reduction and decreased workforce necessary to maintain an independent cannabis farm

Technology Support

CannaPharmaRx has developed online technology and tools for marketing, retention, and inventory management that will help our customers with their online strategy