Since our merger with LTB Inc. during Q4 2022, we have been able to provide cutting-edge technology for online marketing, e-commerce, and advanced inventory management.

Smart Clearing: Our smart clearing process allows local businesses to efficiently and securely process financial transactions, reducing the risk of fraud and improving overall customer experience.

Marketing Tools: Our wide range of marketing tools help our partner companies promote their products or services, including social media marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization, and content marketing.

Online Delivery: Our online delivery service allows local partners to reach a wider audience and offer more convenient options to customers.

Retention Models: Our retention models can help partner companies retain existing customers and reduce churn.

Hosting and Cyber: In addition, we offer hosting and cyber security services to protect the performance and security of our partners’ platforms.

Building a Brand: Finally, we have expertise in building strong brands, which can help local companies differentiate themselves from competitors and establish trust with customers.

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