Unique Genetics

The Company’s supremacy among its competitors stems from its strong knowledge base and the vast experience of our growers, and the hundreds unique, high-quality genetic cannabis strains we own. These strains are divided into over 15 different brands, each presenting its own special features.

Unique medical cannabis strains are important for several reasons. First, different strains of cannabis can have different effects on the body, and some strains may be more effective for specific medical conditions than others. For example, some strains may be more effective in reducing pain, while others may be better at reducing inflammation.

Second, unique strains can be used to customize treatment plans for individual patients. Different patients may respond differently to specific strains, and by offering a variety of strains, doctors and other medical professionals can help their patients find the one that works best for them.

Third, the development of new and unique strains can help advance the medical cannabis industry as a whole. By breeding and developing new strains, researchers and cultivators can learn more about the potential medical benefits of cannabis, and how it can be used to treat various conditions. This is why we decided to work on creating variety and producing unique crafts and medical cannabis.

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