Craft Products

In addition to medical cannabis, we have also created some amazing craft products. Craft cannabis, also known as craft marijuana, is cannabis that is produced on a small scale by artisanal or independent producers. These producers often use traditional cultivation techniques and strongly emphasize quality, sustainability, and the improved overall user experience of the final product.

Here are some potential benefits of craft cannabis:

Higher quality: Craft cannabis is often produced using more traditional and sustainable growth methods, which can result in a higher-quality product.

Unique characteristics: Craft cannabis is typically grown in small batches and may be hand-trimmed and cured, resulting in a product with unique flavors and aromas.

Greater emphasis on experience: Craft cannabis producers may emphasize the product’s improved overall user experience, including factors such as the strain’s effects and packaging.

Sustainable practices: Craft cannabis may be produced using organic or biodynamic practices, which are more sustainable and environmentally friendly compared to mass-produced cannabis.

Support for small businesses: Buying craft cannabis can support small, independent producers and help keep money in the local economy.

Craft cannabis is typically grown in small batches and may be produced using organic or biodynamic practices. Many consumers seek out craft cannabis for its perceived higher quality and unique characteristics.

For more information about craft products and collaborations, please contact us.

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Craft cannabis plant
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Canadian grown craft cannabis